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Cost-effective Contracting, Consulting/Advisory marketing services for-hire. 

Tech & Life Sciences focus with US, EU, APAC, LATAM, MEA expertise (B2B & Consumer).

Measurable business results that consistently exceed client expectations.  

ABOUT George Mathew Jr

I am an accomplished up/down-stream marketing and sales professional with 15+ years of client-side, consulting and agency experience, guiding teams to commercialize brands in all lifecycle phases.


My background spans across business sectors and industry verticals, in a variety of strategic and tactical B2B/C/G sales/marketing leadership roles, for start-up thru Fortune 500 companies that provide technologically advanced products/services.   Click on my attached resume (pdf) for full details. 


When you need a highly-skilled, project resource to quickly step in and make a cost-effective difference, I can help.  If your team is short-staffed, lacks  the necessary skill-set or is unable to effectively execute, I am your solution.  Contact me today for an appointment to discuss your need.

Current Projects: - Los Angeles, CA.  Business advisory board member.  

Enability Project - Cebu, Philippines.  Fundraising and Strategic advisor.

Dynamic Pediatric Occupational Therapy - Cebu, Philippines.  Business Consulting.

Turning Wheels Craft Brewery - Cebu, Philippines.  Business consulting.

ABOUT George Mathew Jr

I am an accomplished up/down-stream marketing and sales professional with 20+ years of corporate, consulting and advertising agency experience, guiding commercial brands in all lifecycle phases.


My background spans across business sectors and industry verticals, in a variety of strategic and tactical B2B/C sales & marketing roles, for top-tier start-up thru Fortune 500 companies. 

When you need a highly-skilled, project resource to quickly step in and make a cost-effective difference, I deliver.  If your team is short-staffed, lacks  the necessary skill-set or is simply unable to effectively execute, I am your solution.  Contact me today for an appointment to discuss your needs - I'm ready to help as a temporary extension to your team (contractor, consultant) or as an exclusive, onsite asset (FTE: interim, fixed-term, short duration).

Past Projects:

Technology:  TruMed Systems (smart industrial appliances); HGM Funds/Rule 14 (private equity and venture capital marketing advisor to cloud-based SaaS: fintech, business intelligence, data mining); LightForm (projected augmented reality consumer products); emTruth (crypto-currency + block-chain authentication tech), DAQRI (augmented reality wearables); PerfectSyense (fitness wearables). 

Healthcare:  Integra Lifesciences (medical device); Medtronic (medical device); Amgen (biotech); Bausch+Lomb (robotics-assisted surgery); Masters Medical (medical products distribution); Synvista Therapeutics (genetic diagnostics);  Alpharma (pharmaceuticals); Novo Nordisk (biotech); BD (medical devices).

Consumer: ACE & TruFit (bandages,braces); Starbucks and NatureMade (Gumlink nutraceuticals); Turning Wheels (Craft Brewery); RelaxReflect (on-line retail apparel); Hyper7 (streaming on-line video content); Dreyfus Records (music publishing).

Creative Agency:  CC Ford Communications (advertising, communications, PR); EUXmedia (digital creative agency)

Not-for-Profit/Other:  Enability Project (Int'l special needs children services); Nurture Collective (children's services); Dynamic (Int'l pediatric occupational therapy); & (maternal mental health services); Gerson Lehrman Group (advisory services).

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MY services



Strategic & Tactical Plan Reviews, Gap Analysis

Marketing Excellence

Best Practices & Processes

Lean & Agile Marketing


Marketing Operations

Cross-functional Collaboration

Benchmarking & Goal Setting

Performance Analytics & Optimization

Budgeting & Reconciliation

Talent Development

Incentives & Motivation

New Product Development

Product Improvements

Lifecycle Management

Competitive Analysis & Trends

Customer Support


BRAND marketing

Business & Marketing Plans

Launch & Line Extension


Lifecycle Planning

Market Shaping & Shifting


Branding​ & Identity

Market Segmentation

Positioning & Messaging

Digital & Social Marketing

Traditional Multi-Channel Marketing

Advertising Campaigns

PR & Communications

Market Research & Insights

Voice of Customer


Human Factors & Usability

Customer Journey

Naming & Packaging


Sales + Business Development

Local Market Representation

Go-to-Market Plans


Acquistion, Alliance & Partnership Integration + Due Diligence


Co-Marketing & Co-Branding

In-Licensing & Out-Licensing


Distribution & Sales Channel Strategy

Value Chain & Access


Targeting & Segmentation

Demand Generation & Lead Nurturing

Trade Shows & Events

Sales Operations & Analytics


Salesforce Enablement & CRM

Sales Tools


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